Installation guide

  1. Download the zip file to your computer. You must be running Mac OS 10.12.4 or higher. Unzip the file and open the application Apple Cat. 
  2. A pop up will appear requesting permission for Accessibility access. Grant permission to Apple Cat. This is what will allow the app to lock and unlock your keyboard and trackpad. The app will not work if you do not grant permission.
  3. Close the permissions window and double click the app again to relaunch it. 
  4. You should now see a small white cat icon in the tray at the top right of your screen. This means Apple Cat has been successfully installed and you can now use the shortcut ⌘+C+A+T to lock your laptop.
  5. Try it out by pressing and holding ⌘+C+A+T . The small cat icon in the upper right of your screen will turn black, so you know your keyboard and trackpad are currently locked. Just type ⌘+C+A+T again to unlock everything, and the tray icon cat will turn white again. 


  • My operating system isn't compatible. Apple Cat requires Mac OS 10.12.4 or higher. Apple Cat will not work on PCs. Most PCs have a keyboard lock shortcut already so I'd suggest using that.
  • My computer won't let me open the file by double clicking it.  This can happen with applications downloaded directly from the internet. Try right clicking on the application in Finder and selecting 'Open' as a work around.
  • The keyboard shortcut isn't working for me. Press and hold the ⌘ key while typing C A T. If you let go of the ⌘ key too early you may accidentally be typing the keyboard shortcut for Copy or for Select All or for New Tab. Only by holding  ⌘ then typing all three letters C A T in a row does Apple Cat activate. 


  • What animal rescues do you support? To start, Sean Casey, See Spot Rescued, and Infinite Hope. I've seen their incredible impact first hand around the NYC area. If there's another small non-profit rescue you love, email me and I'll add it to my donation list.